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Spithaler, Norris, Krummert, and Christian Schneider take Opening Night Wins at Lernerville Speedway



Lernerville Speedway

SARVER, PA (April 19, 2024): Brandon Spithaler held on for the win in a non-stop twenty-five lapper to open the season for the 410 Sprint Cars at Lernerville Speedway. Defending track champion A.J. Flick raced from thirteenth to second. Taking the checkers in the Late Models was defending champion Michael Norris. Garrett Krummert earned his first opening night victory in the DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds. Christian Schneider closed out the night holding the checkered flag in the Penn Ohio Pro Stocks.

“With (Will) Flemming getting into the fence coming to the white, I got out of (the throttle), maybe too much. I saw the 2 (A.J. Flick), that was the first time that I saw anybody.” Spithaler said. He maintained his outside line on the final trip around the track, and then he was able to pin Flick behind a lapped car coming off turn four to preserve the win. “The car was a lot better than last week. We came back from Attica (Raceway Park) and made a lot of changes to the car. We went back to some of the things that worked for us last year.”

Cody Bova and Jared Zimbardi paced the start of the first 410 Sprint Car feature event of 2024 season. Blaze Myers made his first 410 start at the Action Track from row two, along with Brandon Spithaler. Matt Farnham and Dan Kuriger were matched in row three. Hall of Fame racer Dale Blaney lined up with Carl Bowser in row four. Ohio invader Ricky Peterson and Michael Bauer had row five. Jeremy Weaver and Pete Landrum made up row six.

Although Bova led the field into turn one, it did not take Spithaler very long to vault into the lead. He shot from fourth to the front coming off turn two. Bova tucked into second, with Zimbardi, Blaney, Peterson, Kuriger, Farnham, Bowser, and Flick in tow.

With Spithaler setting a blistering pace, Zimbardi drove into second place. However, Blaney was making headway, and soon he was challenging for the role of first chaser. Also on the move was Flick, who reached the top five by lap eight.

Blaney took over the second position by lap ten and, just two laps later, Flick was up to third. Continuing his charge, Flick wrestled the second spot away from Blaney in the final five laps.

Spithaler’s lead was shrinking as the laps were counting down. Flick was within striking distance when an opportunity presented itself at the start of the final lap. Spithaler checked up because a lapped car got into the outside wall, but Flick could not scoot by. Flick took another run at the leader in the final corners, but Spithaler pinned him behind a lapped car coming off turn four to ensure the victory.

Blaney held on for third, with Zimbardi and Bova rounding out the top five. Kuriger, Peterson, Bowser, Myers, and Brandon Matus were finishers six through ten.
Sprint Car heats were won by Dale Blaney, Matt Farnham, and Cody Bova. Jacob Begenwald captured the B Main.

Michael Norris was relieved to get the win to open up his title defense in the Late Model ranks. “I pretty much thought that I had that race lost,” he said. He explained that he was running the bottom when Alex Ferree sailed by on the outside. That took Norris by surprise. However, a late race restart gave him the opportunity to battle Ferree for the lead again.

Ken Schaltenbrand was flanked by John Garvin for the start of the race. Tyler Dietz and mid-state racer Jon lee had row two. Daryl Charlier and Norris were dance partners in row three, with Jared Miley making his return in row four. He was paired with Ferree. Logan Zarin and Michael Lake were positioned in row five. Taking up row six were Michael Duritsky and Coltin Flinner.

The first two attempts to start the race were waived off. Miley’s spin in turn two accounted for the first one, and a false start justified the second. When the race did get going, Schaltenbrand was the leader, with Garvin’s new ride holding down the second spot. Trailing them were Dietz, Norris, and Lee.

There were no changes in the running order for the first several laps. Norris claimed third on lap seven. Two laps later, Garvin rode the rim coming off turn two to take command. Soon thereafter, Norris slipped into second. Norris remained close for the next three laps. He made his move to the front on lap twelve. Ferree climbed into third on lap thirteen.

The double file restart on lap sixteen had Norris to the inside and Ferree on the outside. They ran side-by-side for a lap, with Ferree getting a nose out front at the scoring loop. Another caution set them up for a rematch, but Ferree switched things up by taking the inside for the restart. He was able to get to turn one ahead of Norris and Ferree slid across the groove to get to the cushion first.

Ferree started to pull away, but the final caution, on lap twenty-one, wiped out his advantage. On the ensuing restart, Norris executed a slide job to regain the lead, but Ferree battled back. He was out front again using the high line through turns three and four.

Three Rivers Karting

On lap twenty-three, Norris returned the favor. He blasted around Ferree using the cushion to his advantage at the north end of the track.

Norris took the checkers ahead of Ferree, with Flinner in third. Lake and Garvin rounded out the top five. Dietz crossed in sixth, followed by Schaltenbrand, Zarin, and Tyler Wyant claiming tenth.

The trio of Late Model heats belonged to Logan Zarin, Jared Miley, and Alex Ferree. The B Main victory went to R.J. Dellape.

Garrett Krummert was the fourth and final leader of the DIRTcar Big Block Modified race. “We were pretty good anywhere,” Krummert noted. He said that the team tried some different things on the car, and he was able to run the top or the bottom. Krummert was able to take the lead away from Jeremiah Shingledecker on the final restart of the contest, coming on lap twenty-one. “I was surprised that Jeremiah gave me the outside for that restart.”

Will Thomas and Rex King, Jr. were on the front row, with brad Rapp and Shingledecker in row two. Colton Walters and Dave Murdick were in row three. Justin Shea and Krummert lined up in row four, ahead of Jordan Ehrenberg and Mike Kinney. Jeff Miller and Steve Slater departed from row six.

Thomas took the early lead, with King, Rapp, Shingledecker, Shea, and Walters following closely. A caution just three laps into the event gave King another shot at the lead, and he did briefly take the top spot. However, Thomas rallied as the duo came toward the scoring loop, and he was credited with the lead on lap four. King prevailed after another caution, and he continued to lead through lap twelve.

On that trip around the speedway, Shingledecker grabbed the lead using the high line. Krummert used the inside to take second, and King was stranded in the middle. He held onto third, ahead of Thomas and Walters.

While Shingledecker was leading, Krummert began searching for a better line. He was challenging for the lead when Shingledecker used a lapped car as a pick to gain some breathing room.

The final caution set Krummert up to make an outside charge to the front. Shingledecker held second, but a late race mistake cost him dearly. He got up over the berm in turn four losing several positions in the process. Shingledecker’s miscue enabled King to get back into second and Thomas into third.

At the checkers, it was Krummert, King, Thomas, Shingledecker, and Shea making up the top five. Rapp, Walters, Steve Feder, Murdick, and Rodney Beltz were the next five to cross the loop.

A pair of heats were contested for the DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds. Justin Shea and Garrett Krummert took the honors. There was no B Main.

Christian Schneider raced his way to the front early in the nightcap for the Penn Ohio Pro Stocks. To get there, he had to pass defending champ, Tyler Dietz, and Schneider’s legendary father, Chris. The father chased the son the rest of the way, but he could not regain the lead.

On lap twenty, it was Christian getting the nod over Chris in the family feud. Dietz, Cody McPherson, and Jason Fosnaught were third, fourth, and fifth. Fosnaught was subbing for Brett McDonald. Next in line were Brett Hutira, Cody Koteles, Tyler Schneider, Jacob Dietz, and Cole Miller.

The Pro Stocks spun off two heats, with the wins going to Chris Schneider and Christian Schneider. There was no B Main.

Lernerville Speedway will present another action packed four-division program on April 26. Coming up on May 10, the ULMS Late Models will make their first appearance of 2024.

Dirt Racing

Troutman and Moran Share Night Two Wins at Lernerville’s Firecracker



Photo by Paul Arch

SARVER, PA (June 21, 2024): Drake Troutman rallied to win his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series in the first preliminary feature on night two of the Firecracker weekend at Lernerville Speedway. Also gracing victory lane was Devin Moran for the eleventh time in his LOLMDS career.

Troutman, the nineteen year old racer from Hyndman, Bedford County, PA, was very emotional after getting the checkered flag. “I don’t know what to say, I didn’t think we’d be getting one of these in a while.” After composing himself, Troutman dedicated the win to his late father, D.J. Troutman, who perished in 2021 during the height of the Covid pandemic. Troutman was also appreciative of the crew of his family owned machine. “We just have a bunch of kids, they are with me at the shop all hours of the day and night and they are with me up and down the road.”

Troutman grabbed the lead three laps into the fray, but he surrendered the point again to Mason Zeigler, who went from third to first on a lap four restart. They battled side by side for several laps before Troutman was able to regain the lead on lap ten. “I figured he’d have me around the top,” Troutman said, “but we were able to get back around on the bottom.”

Troutman and Zeigler made an all-Pennsylvania front row. Ross Robinson and Tim McCreadie were in row two, The third row consisted of Daulton Wilson and Trevor Collins. Garrett Alberson and Jared Miley took off from row four. Dan Stone and Clay Harris departed from row five. The sixth row featured Gregg Satterlee and Tyler Wyant.

Zeigler grabbed the early lead, with Troutman, Robinson, McCreadie, Wilson, and Alberson in tow. Trountman dipped to the inside to get the lead on lap three, just before a caution was shown for the spin by Forrest Trent.

Zeigler ripped the lip in turns one and two to assume control when the race resumed. Troutman battled back, though, and the duo went back and forth for a handful of laps. Troutman got the advantage coming through turns three and four to lead lap ten. Two laps later, McCreadie got by Zeigler.

Troutman had a comfortable lead at the time that McCreadie moved into second. However, Troutman caught the back markers, and that enabled McCreadie to cut into the lead.

Fortunately for Troutman, a caution flashed on again on lap sixteen, when Wilson spun in turn one while fighting for track position with a lapped car. Wilson was running third at the time. Robinson and Zeigler took evasive action, driving off the track, but they were not scored as part of the caution, so they regained their top five starting positions.

The last nine laps went off without a hitch. During that run, Robinson began to apply pressure to McCreadie for the second spot. He was able to slip ahead of McCreadie in the closing laps.

Troutman had a bit of a scare heading for the checkered flag. The lapped car of Jamie Lathroum suddenly slowed coming through turn four and he drifted up to the top of the speedway. Troutman was coming, and he checked up to avoid contact. Robinson was far enough back that he was unable to sneak by the leader.

Following the pair of sevens was McCreadie. Fourth went to Alberson and fifth to charging Jared Miley, who picked up three spots in the stretch run. Satterlee, Tyler Wyant, Trevor Collins, and Jimmy Owens completed the top ten.

Three Rivers Karting

Both Robinson and McCreadie were happy for Troutman. Robinson commended the youthful team for their hard work and perseverance. McCreadie remarked that Troutman is a good, clean racer, who would battle hard, but not make contact. Both drivers commented about tire choices as well, Robinson and Troutman were both on hard rubber. McCreadie went with a different choice, and he said that he was unable to turn off the cushion because of it.

The officials must have been listening to the post-race interviews, as they called an audible before the start of the second twenty-five lapper. They applied water to the surface and spent a good twenty minutes working the track in again. Meanwhile, the racers were sent back to their pits to make any adjustments in light of the unanticipated track preparation.

Although “a lot of guys were freaking out,” as Devin Moran put it, he proclaimed that “we didn’t change a thing.” He figured that the track would stay hard and he felt no changes were needed for the second feature. Moran was right.

Michael Norris and Devin Moran paired up in row one, with Hudson O’Neal and Jonathan Davenport right behind them. Row three belonged to Ricky THornton, Jr. and Ken Schaltenbrand. In row four, it was Chub Frank and Mike Marlar. Paired up in the fifth row were Spencer Hughes and Levi Yetter. The sixth row had Colton Flinner and John Garvin.

Norris jumped out to the early lead, and the partisan faithful were hoping that he, too, could capture his first LOLMDS win. Norris drew away from Moran by several car lengths in the first five laps. Racing behind them were Davenport, O’Neal, Thornton, and Schaltenbrand.

Norris’ bid for another Firecracker preliminary win exploded on laps five and six. The others came under the World of Outlaws sanction. He got up on two wheels in turn one. The miscue enabled Moran to drive by him. Norris brought the car back down and he was able to complete lap six in second place. However, the car shot straight off turn one, and he backed it into the distant guard rail at the south end of the track. He was able to refire and, after a quick check in the hot pit area, he was able to resume the race.

Moran raced out front for the remainder of the contest. Davenport ran in second for a lap or two before Thornton got by. Thornton could not catch Moran, though.

The final caution came on lap fifteen when Kyle Lukon clobbered the wall and some water barrels at the exit to turn four. On the ensuing restart, Marlar shot into second. O’Neal also moved ahead a notch in the running order.

At the finish, it was Moran, Marlar, Thornton, O’Neal, and Davenport. Max Blair advanced to sixth, ahead of Schaltenbrand, Frank, Carson Ferguson, and Hughes.

The evening’s fastest qualifiers were Drake Troutman, whose lap of 15.589 was best in Group A. Michael Norris was best overall when he topped Group B with a time of 15.524 seconds.

The six heat races went to Drake Troutman, Mason Ziegler, Ross Robinson, Michael Norris, Devin Moran, and Hudson O’Neal.

There were no B Mains.

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Thornton and Davenport Score Preliminary Wins on Night One of the Firecracker Weekend at Lernerville



Photo: Paul Arch

SARVER, PA (June 20, 2024): Ricky Thornton, Jr. and Jonathan Davenport captured the twenty-five lap preliminary features on night one of the Firecracker weekend at Lernerville Speedway. The successful racers earned valuable points that will be used to set the starting lineups for the heat races on the final night of the event. Barring some misfortunes on night two, these stalwarts are likely to earn choice starting spots in Saturday’s heat races.

Thornton noted that the track was “super technical,” but he was “pretty efficient” at both ends of the speedway. He explained that he was able to get into the corners and to turn the car. He was a bit concerned by Devin Moran on a couple of the restarts, though. Thornton worried about his placement on the track. He decided to slide himself to try to take away any momentum that Moran could generate coming off turn four.

Thornton had the pole with Garrett Alberson on his right. Hudson O’Neal and Moran lined up behind them. Mike Marlar and Tim MCreadie occupied row three. Then came track favorite Michael Norris and Jimmy Owens. Max Blair and Spencer Hughes paired up in row five. John Garvin, Jr. and Alex Ferree claimed row six for the local contingent.

Thornton got a second chance at the start of the first preliminary feature. Moran charged from fourth to first on what would have been the opening lap. However, a four car tangle in turn four wiped that out. A complete restart was ordered.

On the second try, Thornton was better prepared. He grabbed the lead ahead of Alberson, Moran, O’Neal, Norris, Marlar, McCreadie, Owens, Blair, and Michael Duritsky. Before the racers could get into a steady rhythm, a caution for Ferree slowed the pace.

Three Rivers Karting

Thornton held the advantage on the restart, O’Neal and Moran worked by Alberson. Marlar displaced Norris, and Owens was hot on his heels.

The field got nineteen laps in before the next caution was displayed. Moran was the unfortunate fellow who got up over the berm between turns one and two. It was unclear whether he flattened a right rear tire or whether he merely packed the wheel with mud. In any event, he limped to the pits, ending his night a bit early.

Thornton completed the remaining three laps without incident to earn $5,000. Marlar crossed in second, followed by Alberson. Norris rallied to take fourth, a spot ahead of Owens. O’Neal slipped to sixth. McCreadie, Hughes, Blair, and Zeigler rounded out the top ten.

Marlar knew that he could not contend with Thornton in the three lap dash that ended the race. “I definitely thought that when he had the clean air for the last three laps, I know that I wasn’t going to get him.” He added that the cushion was “treacherous,” and he cited the problem encountered by Moran as an example. “I decided to just bring it home in second and put it in the trailer.”

Alberson was appreciative of the late race caution. He was on a soft right rear tire, and he was able to get to the bottom and to pass O’Neal. “If I want to race with these guys for the lead, we have some more work to do,” he added. Well, Alberson, and all other racers, will get a second opportunity to gather points in the double feature format to be used on night two.

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Ryan Smith Succeeds at Sharon; Cipriano and Konbau also Score



Sharon Speedway

HARTFORD, OH (June 1, 2024): Ryan Smith romped to the win at Sharon Speedway on night three of Western Pennsylvania Speedweek despite Dave Blaney’s home field advantage. Smith, a former series champion, had the benefit of starting some five rows ahead of Blaney, but Blaney made an early charge to make things interesting. Meanwhile, Smith was stalking the early leader, Zane DeVault, and Smith sailed by him when DeVault brushed the outside wall coming off turn two. Unfortunately for the fans, a head to head battle between Smith and Blaney never materialized because the track took rubber, and Blaney’s top line which he used so effectively early was no longer there in the final stage of the race.

Ayden Cipriano (Big Block Modifieds) and Jeremy Kornbau (Allegheny Sprint Tour 305 Sprint Cars) also earned significant first wins.
“It’s pretty cool to beat Dave at his own place,” Smith quipped. He explained that he tried to make his car as wide as he could in the early going and, then, he mainly ran the low side when the rubber came in. While that strategy was successful for him, he did admit to having some trouble with lapped cars also using that line as the race progressed. Nonetheless, Smith put enough of them behind him to provide a safe margin of victory over Blaney.

Blaney, who thrilled the partisan crowd with his dash to the front in the early laps, characteristically downplayed his accomplishment. “I had a good start,” he said humbly. Then, he added with a chuckle, “I had a couple of closer calls than an old mane would like.” Blaney was referring to the time in the opening laps when he threaded the needle in turn three between two competitors who were fighting for position. “Then, the track got faster as the race went on,” he commented, making it difficult for him to chase down Smith.

DeVault, who soldiered on for third despite hurting his car, noted, “I tried to win it or wear it on top when I got into the wall, I was just hanging on after that. But, you know me, I’ll hang in there until the end.”

DeVault and Smith were the lucky ones who fished the front row starting spots in the top twelve re-draw promoted by a Lake Erie charter service. Smith had a helper, though, as he chose a child from the stands to be his designated fisherman. Mitch Harble and Logan McCandless drew into the second row, with Chase Metheney and Adam Kekich in the third. Then came Michael Bauer and Dale Blaney. Jordan Poirier and Dan Kuriger had row five, with Dave Kalb and Dave Blaney getting the two remaining fish available.

DeVault seized the early advantage, with Smith staying close. Harble, McCandless, Dale Blaney, and Poirier were next. However, the racer who drew the most attention in the early going was Dave Blaney. He shot from twelfth to seventh on the opening lap by using the high line that no one else dared to try.

Dave Blaney reached fourth by the time that DeVault had his shunt with the outside wall on lap six, and he was third when Matt Farnham stopped because his right rear tire was going flat.

On the ensuing restart, Blaney executed a perfect slider job in turn one to overtake DeVault. Smith, however, was in the lead, and he opened up several car lengths on Blaney.

Three Rivers Karting

Smith was into lapped traffic by the fourteenth round. He was able to pick off the back markers pretty easily. As he advanced through them, the going got tougher and Blaney was able to narrow the margin.

As the race moved into the final stages, Smith had several lapped cars separating himself from his pursuer. They were all running the bottom, and Blaney went back to the high side to try to get back into a position of contention. However, the top groove was no longer there for him, and he could not get past the lapped cars that were keeping pace with the leader. Blaney nestled in behind them and rode out the remaining laps for a second place finish that still satisfied the home town crowd.

DeVault was third, ahead of Dale Blaney and McCandless. Kekich, Poirier, Lee Jacobs, Kuriger, and Mark Smith rounded out the top ten. Jacobs was named the hard charger, at plus twelve.

Once again, five heats were required for the forty-six car field. Chalking up wins were Dave and Dale Blaney, Kekich, Ryan Smith, and Metheney. A.J. Flick and Lance Moss split the twin B Mains. Dave Blaney was the evening’s fastest qualifier with a lap of 15.835 seconds.

With three races complete, Dave Blaney has a 20 point lead over his brother, Dale. A.J. Flick holds down third one point back from Dale. Tim Shaffer and Mark Smith make up the top five.

Ayden Cipriano earned his first career Big Block Modified win, holding off Rex King, Jr. Cipriano benefited from a penalty imposed on leader Rick Regalski for jumping the lap seven restart. That infraction moved Cipriano to the pole and Regalski to third. King raced in the middle groove to move from sixth to second after the green light came on again.

Chas Wolbert was third, Will Thomas fourth, and Brad Rapp fifth. Positions six through ten went to Garrett Krummert, Regalski, Chad Reitz, Mike Kinney, and Steve Barr.

King and Thomas captured heat wins. There was no B Main.

Another first-time winner was Jeremy Kornbau in the Allegheny Sprint Tour A Main. It was the first time the 305 Sprint Cars appeared at the famous oval. Nolan Groves, Brett Brunkenhoefer, Roman Jones, and Jim Pattock were in the top five. Jarrett Rosencrance, Dale Schweikart, Andy Priest, Arnie Kent, and John Scarborough rounded out the top ten. Dale Schweikart, Pattock, and Priest won the preliminaries. There was no B Main.

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