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Baughman Rips Through Tri-City Raceway Park Sprint Field; Holden, Bish, and Speer also Win



FRANKLIN, PA (May 30, 2021): Josh Baughman rolled into Western Pennsylvania from Odessa, TX to do a little testing in preparation for Western Pennsylvania Speedweek. If Sunday’s performance is indicative of his level of preparation, the other racers better burn the midnight oil because they have some catching up to do. Baughman, who has not sat in a Sprint Car since last August, showed no signs of rust in racing to the win in the Shawgo Real Estate LLC 410 Sprint Cars.

JImmy Holden (Krill Recycling 358 Modifieds), Curtis J. Bish (Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Pro Stocks), and Dalton Speer (4 Your Car Connection Mini Stocks) also celebrated in victory lane.

“That was pretty fun,” Baughman said. “I lost my brakes on lap eight, so I had to go to the bottom.” he added. Baughman gave props to Sye Lynch and his crew for helping him throughout the night. Baughman is a sponsor of Lynch’s racer.

Bob Felmlee sat on the pole for the twenty-five lap feature event in the Shawgo Real Estate LLC 410 Sprint Cars. Next to him was Brandon Matus. Behind them were Goerge Hobaugh, Jr. and Carl Bowser, with teammates Lynch and Baughman in the third row. Brandon Spithaler lined up next to last week’s winner and current point leader, Jack Sodeman, Jr. Gale Ruth, Jr. and Clay Riney had their mounts in row five, with Ken Rossey and Brent Matus in row six.

Felmlee led the snarling Sprint cars into turn one, but Brandon Matus found some bite on the high side in turns one and two to take an early lead. But Felmlee battled back and he nailed turns three and four to be scored as the leader of the opening lap. Felmee was hitting his marks, with Matus running second, Baughman in third, and Hobaugh in fourth. Sodeman was up to fifth in the early going.

There was a three-car battle for the lead with a handlul of laps complete. As the leaders approached traffic, Baughman weaved his way through to take the lead with eight klaps in the books. Felmlee held second, but he was under attack from Brandin Matus. Soon, Sodeman was in the hunt.

A caution for debris brought Baughman back to the rest of the racers. Sodeman used the restart to his advantage, sweeping into second in the first two turns. But he was no match for the fleet Texan.

A red for a spectacular crash involving Clay Riney and Bob McMillin in the middle of the back stretch brought out the red. Neither driver was hurt, but the fence running along the track took the brunt of the impact.

Baughman raced out front the rest of the way, with Sodeman making up some ground as the laps wound down. But Sodeman ran out of time and fortified his points lead with the best of the rest finish this night.

Taking third was Felmlee for his best outing of the season. Lynch crossed in fourth, with Brandon Matus fifth. Bowser, Ruth, Rossey, Kyle Colwell, and Brent Matus rounded out the top ten.

Scoring heat wins for Donovan & Bauer Auto Group were Sodeman and Hobaugh. There was no B Main for the Shawgo Real Estate LLC 410 Sprint Cars.

Sid Unverzagt, Jr. and Max Smoker brought the field to the chalk stripe in turn four for the start of the twenty lapper in the Krill Recycling Modifieds. Lonny Riggs and Kyle Fink were in row two, with Jimmy Holden and Kevin Hoffman in the third. D.J. Schrader and Jeremiah Shingledecker were in row four, with Brian Sadler and Curt Bish, Jr. in the fifth row.

Unverzagt and Smoker ran wheel to wheel on the opening lap before Unverzagt took control. Riggs settled into third, with Schrader and Holden following. Holden moved into second on lap three and Jeremiah Shingledecker followed him into third.

A caution on lap five put Holden on Unverzagt’s flank with Shingledecker and Riggs hot on their tails. Holden and Shingeldecker both scooted past Unverzagt before another caution slowed the pace. Another caution for debris kept the drivers from getting into a comfort zone.

However, the remainder of the race was completed without incident. Although Holden maintained control, he was challenged in the last few laps by Shingledecker.

Three Rivers Karting

Shingledecker rolled up on the leader in traffic and got a nose inside of him coming off turn four. But Holden reached the lapped cars first and they were running single file on the inside. So Holden used them as a pick to get separation from Shingledecker. Holden maintained his lead to the finish.

Next to cross was Riggs for his best finish of the season so far. Unverzagt also cracked the top five for the first time this season. Getting fifth was Hoffman. Eric Beggs, Smoker, Sadler, Nathan MacDowell, and Ryan Riffe completed the top ten.

“It was smooth top to bottom when we went out for hot laps, but Mother Nature does what it does. It was pretty smooth in the groove,” Holden observed. “This is the best that our car has been all year. My dad stayed ahead of the track.”

Taking the wins for the Donovan & Bauer Auto Group heat races were Riggs and Fink, who was an early retiree due to a mechanical failure. There was no B Main in the Krill Recycling LLC 358 Modifieds.

In the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Pro Stocks, Randy Wyant and Jackson Humanic battled fro the lead from their front row starting spots. Wyant took control and led the way until his car broke on lap thirteen while leading. Although Himanic had the lead, he was unable to hold back the Bish brothers, who were racing hard.

Curtis J. Bish took the lead on the restart and Curt Bish Jr. was nipping on his heels until he got crossed up in turn two. That enabled William Hurrelbrink to scoot by for second.

Curtis J. Bish took the checkers, followed by Hurrelbrink, and Bish Jr. Humanic held on for fourth with Tyler Wyant upholding the family name in fifth. Josh Seippel, Darr Diegelm,an, Pat Fielding, Bob McMillen, and Randy Wyant were scored in the top ten.

The Donovan & Bauer Auto Group heat winners in the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Pro Stocks were Randy Wyant, Duke Davidson, and Curtis J. Bish.

Dalton Speer led wire to wire despite losing his power steering during the 4 Your Car Connection Mini Stock feature race. Justin Bailey chased him home. Chad Greeley was third, with D.J. Macrae and Brandon Seippel taking fourth and fifth. Positions six through ten went to Evan Sobieski, Kevin Wice, Jesse Armstrong, Michael Barr, and Trevn Shaffer.

Chad Greeley was named the hard charger for the night, advancing fourteen pots in the Mini Stock Feature. He picked up a bonus from Fisher & Father Napa Auto Parts.

The two Donovan & Bauer Auto Group heat races belonged to Bailey and Todd Hanlon. There was no B Main in the 4 Your Car Connection Mini Stocks.

Remember that Tri-City Raceway Park will be part of history next weekend when the Western PA Sprint Car Speedweek resumes after several years’ absence. The track will host the finale of the five-race series, which will pit the Shawgo Real Estate LLC 410 Sprints against all comers. You will not want to miss this event! Also on the card will be the Krill Recycling LLC 358 Modifieds, The Gary Glass Automotive and Washington House RUSH Sprints (without wings), and the 4 Your Car Connection Mini Stocks. The Hovis Auto and Truck Supply Pro Stocks will have the week off, but they will return for the Sunday Thunder shows that will be held on June 13 and June 20. All dads will receive a free gift on June 20.

Additional information about Tri-City Raceway Park can be obtained by calling the track office at 724-967-4601, or by e-mail to You can also check the website at, or Facebook at Tri City Raceway Park. Tri-City Raceway Park is located on Oakland Township, which is just a short drive from Franklin. For the GPS, 3430 State Route 417, Franklin, PA 16323.

Shawgo Real Estate LLC 410 Sprint Cars: Josh Baughman, Jack Sodeman, Jr., Bob Felmlee, Brandon Matus, Carl Bowser, Gale Ruth, Jr., Ken Rossey, Kyle Colwell, Brent Matus, Clay Riney, Bob McMillin, Matt Sherlock, George Hobaugh, Brandon Spithaler, Davey Jones.
Krill Recycling LLC 358 Modifieds: Jimmy Holden, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Lonnie Riggs, Sid Unverzagt, Jr., Kevin Hoffman. Eric Beggs, Max Smoker, Brian Sadler, Nathan MacDowell, Ryan Riffe, Dillon Barr, Tyler Clark, D.J. Schrader, Kyle Fink, Curt Bish, Jr., Travis Shingledecker, Steve Barr, Nick Joy (DNS).

Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Pro Stocks: Curtis J. Bish, William Hurrelbrink, Curt Bish Jr., Jackson Humanic, Tyler Wyant, Josh Seippel, Darr Diegelman, Pat Fielding, Bob McMillen, Randy Wyant, Duke Davidson, Jason Johns, Dylan Cecee, Larry Kugel, Jamie Duncan, Mike Bordt, Josh Blum, Matt Bernard, Bobby Whitling (DNS), Jordan Perkins (DNS), Doug Iorio, II (DNS), Andy Buckly (DNS).

4 Your Car Connection Mini Stocks: Dalton Speer, Justin Bailey, Chad Greeley, D.J. Macrae, Brandon Seippel, Evan Sobieski, Kevin Wice, Jesse Armstrong, Michael Barr, Trevn Shaffer, James Tasker, Kelly Clark, Brianna Parker, Howard Garlick, Todd Hanlon, J.R. Shaner, Diezel Marvin, Tim Callahan, Charles McClintock, Brody McClintock (DNS), Nick Steiger (DNS).

Dirt Racing

Ryan Smith Succeeds at Sharon; Cipriano and Konbau also Score



Sharon Speedway

HARTFORD, OH (June 1, 2024): Ryan Smith romped to the win at Sharon Speedway on night three of Western Pennsylvania Speedweek despite Dave Blaney’s home field advantage. Smith, a former series champion, had the benefit of starting some five rows ahead of Blaney, but Blaney made an early charge to make things interesting. Meanwhile, Smith was stalking the early leader, Zane DeVault, and Smith sailed by him when DeVault brushed the outside wall coming off turn two. Unfortunately for the fans, a head to head battle between Smith and Blaney never materialized because the track took rubber, and Blaney’s top line which he used so effectively early was no longer there in the final stage of the race.

Ayden Cipriano (Big Block Modifieds) and Jeremy Kornbau (Allegheny Sprint Tour 305 Sprint Cars) also earned significant first wins.
“It’s pretty cool to beat Dave at his own place,” Smith quipped. He explained that he tried to make his car as wide as he could in the early going and, then, he mainly ran the low side when the rubber came in. While that strategy was successful for him, he did admit to having some trouble with lapped cars also using that line as the race progressed. Nonetheless, Smith put enough of them behind him to provide a safe margin of victory over Blaney.

Blaney, who thrilled the partisan crowd with his dash to the front in the early laps, characteristically downplayed his accomplishment. “I had a good start,” he said humbly. Then, he added with a chuckle, “I had a couple of closer calls than an old mane would like.” Blaney was referring to the time in the opening laps when he threaded the needle in turn three between two competitors who were fighting for position. “Then, the track got faster as the race went on,” he commented, making it difficult for him to chase down Smith.

DeVault, who soldiered on for third despite hurting his car, noted, “I tried to win it or wear it on top when I got into the wall, I was just hanging on after that. But, you know me, I’ll hang in there until the end.”

DeVault and Smith were the lucky ones who fished the front row starting spots in the top twelve re-draw promoted by a Lake Erie charter service. Smith had a helper, though, as he chose a child from the stands to be his designated fisherman. Mitch Harble and Logan McCandless drew into the second row, with Chase Metheney and Adam Kekich in the third. Then came Michael Bauer and Dale Blaney. Jordan Poirier and Dan Kuriger had row five, with Dave Kalb and Dave Blaney getting the two remaining fish available.

DeVault seized the early advantage, with Smith staying close. Harble, McCandless, Dale Blaney, and Poirier were next. However, the racer who drew the most attention in the early going was Dave Blaney. He shot from twelfth to seventh on the opening lap by using the high line that no one else dared to try.

Dave Blaney reached fourth by the time that DeVault had his shunt with the outside wall on lap six, and he was third when Matt Farnham stopped because his right rear tire was going flat.

On the ensuing restart, Blaney executed a perfect slider job in turn one to overtake DeVault. Smith, however, was in the lead, and he opened up several car lengths on Blaney.

Three Rivers Karting

Smith was into lapped traffic by the fourteenth round. He was able to pick off the back markers pretty easily. As he advanced through them, the going got tougher and Blaney was able to narrow the margin.

As the race moved into the final stages, Smith had several lapped cars separating himself from his pursuer. They were all running the bottom, and Blaney went back to the high side to try to get back into a position of contention. However, the top groove was no longer there for him, and he could not get past the lapped cars that were keeping pace with the leader. Blaney nestled in behind them and rode out the remaining laps for a second place finish that still satisfied the home town crowd.

DeVault was third, ahead of Dale Blaney and McCandless. Kekich, Poirier, Lee Jacobs, Kuriger, and Mark Smith rounded out the top ten. Jacobs was named the hard charger, at plus twelve.

Once again, five heats were required for the forty-six car field. Chalking up wins were Dave and Dale Blaney, Kekich, Ryan Smith, and Metheney. A.J. Flick and Lance Moss split the twin B Mains. Dave Blaney was the evening’s fastest qualifier with a lap of 15.835 seconds.

With three races complete, Dave Blaney has a 20 point lead over his brother, Dale. A.J. Flick holds down third one point back from Dale. Tim Shaffer and Mark Smith make up the top five.

Ayden Cipriano earned his first career Big Block Modified win, holding off Rex King, Jr. Cipriano benefited from a penalty imposed on leader Rick Regalski for jumping the lap seven restart. That infraction moved Cipriano to the pole and Regalski to third. King raced in the middle groove to move from sixth to second after the green light came on again.

Chas Wolbert was third, Will Thomas fourth, and Brad Rapp fifth. Positions six through ten went to Garrett Krummert, Regalski, Chad Reitz, Mike Kinney, and Steve Barr.

King and Thomas captured heat wins. There was no B Main.

Another first-time winner was Jeremy Kornbau in the Allegheny Sprint Tour A Main. It was the first time the 305 Sprint Cars appeared at the famous oval. Nolan Groves, Brett Brunkenhoefer, Roman Jones, and Jim Pattock were in the top five. Jarrett Rosencrance, Dale Schweikart, Andy Priest, Arnie Kent, and John Scarborough rounded out the top ten. Dale Schweikart, Pattock, and Priest won the preliminaries. There was no B Main.

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Dirt Racing

Flick Wins W PA Speedweek Jean Lynch Classic at Lernerville; Norris, King, and Schneider Also Score



SARVER, PA (May 31, 2024): A.J. Flick knows how to win at Lernerville Speedway and on the Western Pennsylvania Speedweek tour. He is a seven-time speedway 410 Sprint Car champion and a two-time Speedweek king. He has won both titles for the last two years. He took a big step forward in both title chases by snagging the $4,000 check that went to the winner of the first jean Lynch Classic hosted at Lernerville Speedway.

Also scoring wins on this momentous night were Michael Norris in the Super Late Models, Rex King, Jr. in the Big Block Modifieds, and Christian Schneider in the Pro Stocks.

“The lynch name is synonymous with this place,” Flick said. “Everybody knows how hard Sye (Lynch) would run at this race, but you could see him fading,” Flick explained. He added, “that 28 car (Jordan Poirier) was fast in clean air, but I wanted to keep the win in Apollo,” which is home to both the Lynch and Flick families.

Flick chased down Poirier, who took the lead away from Lynch following the only restart of the race, on lap fourteen. Flick lined up third for that pivotal restart. Although he, too, quickly dispatched Lynch, it took him over ten laps to catch and pass Poirier, who was making his first start at the Action Track.

Poirier was pleased with his maiden voyage, explaining that he had some trouble working his way past unfamiliar lapped cars. He added, “once I saw his (Flick’s) nose, I knew that he was going to get by me.”

Lynch and Poirier were on the front row as a result of the re-draw for the top two from each heat race and the two fastest qualifiers who transferred from their respective heat races. Jeremy Weaver was flanked by Hall of Famer Tim Shaffer, a former Lernerville champion. Carl Bowser and Zane DeVault occupied row three. Behind them were Ricky Peterson and Dave Blaney, another Hall of Famer. Mark Smith and Flick paired off in row five, followed by Lance Moss and Brandon Spithaler.

As the partisan crowd hoped, Lynch raced into turn one ahead of Poirier, Weaver, Shaffer, DeVault, Bowser, Peterson, Mark Smith, and Flick. Lynch was running hard, and he caught the rear of the field in just seven laps. Nonetheless, Poirier stayed close. Shaffer moved into third in the early going, followed by DeVault and Flick. Flick continued his advance, taking third on lap thirteen. He was still a good distance behind the leaders, but a caution on lap fourteen brought them back to him in a hurry.

On the ensuing restart, Poirier executed a slider on Lynch in turn one to take the lead. Lynch fought back coming off turn two, but Poirier made a good run through turns three and four to preserve his lead.

As Poirier began to distance himself from Lynch, Flick worked by Lynch for the second position. It took Flick several laps to catch Poirier. Flick got a good run off turn four and he rode the rim in turns one and two to take the lead away from the rapid Canadian on lap twenty-six.

Flick pulled away in the final four laps to secure the win. Poirier was strong in second, followed by Shaffer, Dave Blaney, and Lynch. Brandon Spithaler raced his way up to sixth. Mark Smith, Dale Blaney, the third Hall of Fame driver in the field, DeVault, and Weaver completed the top ten.

Five heats were required for the forty-six cars that signed in. Bowser, Flick, Dave Blaney, Spithaler, and Poirier captured the checkers. Matt Farnham and Dave Kalb won their respective B Mains. Lynch set the mark in qualifications with a lap of 13.172 seconds.

Heading into the next round, at his own Sharon Speedway, Dave Blaney has a two point margin over Shaffer and Flick in the series points. Dale Blaney and Mark Smith sit fourth and fifth. Norris, Spithaler, Bowser, Weaver, and DeVault make up the top ten.

Three Rivers Karting

In the Super Late Models, a test session proved to be highly successful for Michael Norris. “We tried a lot of different stuff,” he said. “We put our heads together with Mark Richards and Brian Daugherty trying to find something that would work in the slick. If this race is indicative of their combined efforts, it seems as though Norris may be ready for the upcoming Firecracker 100 for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.

Veteran Chub Frank was on hand to get some needed track time before the Firecracker, and he started from the pole position for the twenty-six lapper. Next to him was Ken Schaltenbrand. Norris lined up third, with Jon Lee as his dance partner. Danny Angelicchio and Michael Duritsky were in the third row. Colton Flinner and Alex Ferree were in row four. Then came Tyler Dietz and Ryan Christoff. The fifth row matched Tyler Wyant with Andy Boozel. Gary Lyle and recent high school graduate Levi Yetter held down row six.

Frank led the parade to turn one, but Schaltenbrand had the momentum on the newly-banked turns one and two. He shot out to the lead coming off turn two. Schaltenbrand led the first eight laps. Frank gave way to Norris for second on lap eight. On the next circuit, Norris used the inside line to overtake Schaltenbrand.

The race remained under the green flag until lap twenty-four, when Wyant surrendered his spot in the top ten by stopping on the back stretch. During that long run, Norris stretched his lead over Frank, Schaltenbrand, Angelicchio, and Flinner. The minor incident set up a green-white-checker finish.

Norris got away cleanly. Frank and Schaltenbrand were not so fortunate, as they lost positions to Flinner. Dietz was another driver who benefited from the late race restart, as he picked up two spots.

At the checkers, it was Norris over Flinner, Frank, Dietz, and Schaltenbrand. Jared Miley, Angelicchio, Lee, Ferree, and Duritsky rounded out the top ten.

Heat winners were Norris, Frank, and Dietz. Miley took the B Main.

Rex King, Jr. and Will Thomas paced the field for the Big Block Modifieds. They ran first and second over the entire twenty-five lap distance. The second row starters, Dave Murdick and Steve Feder, also ran in the top five the entire way.

A caution on lap twenty-one bunched up the field. King and Thomas remained the lead duo, but behind them several positions changed ands in the final four laps.

Behind King and Thomas were Murdick, Garrett Krummert, and Feder. Brad Rapp, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Rick Regalski, Jordan Ehrenberg, and Ayden Cipriano were the next five finishers.

Feder and Krummert took the preliminaries. There was no B Main.

As usual, the Pro Stocks wore the nightcap. Christian Schneider bolted from the pole to take the early lead and he would complete the twenty-lap journey first. Tyler Dietz ran second, with Chris Schneider, Brett Hutira, and Cody Koteles next in line. Jacob Dietz, Tyler Schneider, Mike Bordt, Chase Lambert, and heath Close claimed sixth through tenth positions.

Chris Schneider and Hutira prevailed in their respective heats. There was no B Main.

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Dirt Racing

Norris Nails It at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway



IMPERIAL, PA (May 30, 2024): Dylan Norris made his first visit to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway a memorable one. The budding talent from Hanover, PA Picked up the win on the opening night of Western Pennsylvania Speedweek, earning $3,500 in the process. To do it, he held off a fast closing Hall of Fame driver, Dave Blaney, and two other decorated veterans, Tim Shaffer and Dale Blaney, were close behind.

“This was our first time here,” Norris said, “and it is definitely different than what we have at home.” Despite having no notes to work from, Norris observed that “we were good right out of the box, we were good on the bottom.”

It did not take Norris very long to figure out that the bottom was where he needed to be. But, it almost cost him the race. “We had some trouble with lapped cars.” Norris said that he tried to make some passes in the middle groove, but “I knew I had to get back down in the rubber.”

Norris made the move back to the inside line soon enough to keep Dave Blaney behind him. “You couldn’t do much except wait for mistakes, and he didn’t make any,” Blaney observed.

John Jerich, a relative newcomer to the sport of 410 Sprint Car racing, had the pole for the twenty lapper. The race was shortened to that distance because teams were experiencing excessive tire wear. Shaffer and Dale Blaney were paired in row two, with Dave Blaney and Ryan Smith, a former Speedweek champion, in row three. The fourth row consisted of Mark Smith and former FAST on Dirt Series champion Brandon Spithaler. Two-time and defending Speedweek king, A.J. Flick lined up inside of Jack Sodeman, Jr., in row five. Taking positions in row six were Carl Bowser, a frequent winner at PPMS, and Aussie Jordyn Charge.

Norris seized control immediately, but the initial start was set aside for a multi-car tangle coming off turn four. Billy Dietrich went over, and he was one of three cars that were unable to resume racing. Michael Bauer and Logan McCandless suffered less damage, but they were also out of the event.

On the second try, Norris rocketed into turn one, and he began to draw away from Jerich, Dale Blaney, Shaffer, and Dave Blaney. Norris began to stretch his advantage until he began to lap slower cars. Meanwhile, Dave Blaney was steadily moving forward, reaching fourth by lap five, third by lap ten, and second by lap fifteen. Blaney then began to whittle away at the lead. He did close to within a couple of car lengths late in the contest, but Norris was flawless.

Three Rivers Karting

Shaffer, Dale Blaney, and Jerich swapped positions in the top five, with Shaffer ultimately coming out on top of his two rivals.

Mark Smith drove a consistent race to claim sixth, ahead of Flick, Spithaler, Ryan Smith, and Bowser.

There were four heats for the Sprinters, with wins going to Spithaler, Mark Smith, Dave Blaney, and Flick. The pair of B Mains belonged to Ricky Peterson and Brandon Matus. The fastest qualifier on the night was Spithaler, with a lap of 16.644 around Dirt’s Monster Half Mile.

The UEMS e-Mods were the primary support division. They went twenty-five laps for $3,000. Jonathan Taylor picked up the win after a spirited battle with K.C. Burdette. “It’s good to be back here, we got to run here when we were younger,” Taylor said.

Burdette and Jonathan Taylor started on the front row, and they set sail at the start of the race. Burdette led the first four laps, but Taylor drove by him on lap four. Burdette held second about the next fifteen laps. On lap twenty, Burdette came off the bottom of turn four to take the lead at the scoring loop, but Jonathan Taylor rallied in turn one to regain the lead.

Gregory Moore charged into second in the closing laps and he got within striking distance of Jonathan Taylor. Burdette nabbed third, ahead of Brian Ruhlman, and Dustin Demattia, Joel Watson, Mitch Thomas, Evan Taylor, Nate Young, and Bud Watson were sixth through tenth.

Heat wins went to Jonathan Taylor and Burdette. There was no B Main. The evening’s fast time was turned in by Thomas, with a lap of 21.120.

The Hobby Stocks closed out the night. Logan Koteles went wire-to-wire for the win. Marc Corio followed him to the checkers. Garrett O’Patchen, Leroy Brown, and Jonathan Koteles completed the top five.

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