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Buckwalter, Shultz, and Duke Have Open Wheel Madness at Port Royal Speedway



PORT ROYAL, PA (April 24, 2021): Steve Buckwalter had every intention of competing at Lincoln Speedway, but due to schedule changes at both tracks designed to avoid evening rains, he opted for Port Royal Speedway instead. The Royersford Rocket was rewarded with his sixth career victory at the Speed Palace in a non-stop affair.

Joining Buckwalter in celebrations were Jason Shultz in the United Racing Club 360 Sprint Cars and Ken Duke in the PASS/IMCA 305 Sprint Cars.

“It’s been tough up here, it’s been pretty slick,” Buckwalter noted. “There are a few guys who can get grip down the straights and the rest of us are running for sixth.”

Tyler Reeser and Kody Lehman locked up the front row for the start of the 25 lap 410 Sprint Car A Main. Tyler Bear and Justin Whittal were in the second row, followed by A.J. Flick and Buckwalter. Row four belonged to Blaine Heimbach and Dylan Cisney. Last week’s All Star victor, Logan Wagner, and Gerard McIntyre were in the fifth row. Danny Dietrich was paired up with Lucas Wolfe in row six. Anthony Macri, Justin Peck, Mike Wagner, Brent Marks, and Jeff Halligan were scattered through the second half of the starting grid. Marks was back in his family’s car after parting company with Chad and Jen Clemmons earlier in the week.

Reeser raced into the first turn ahead of Lehman, Whittal, Buckwalter, Bear, and Heimbach. Reeser held control through the first nine laps while Buckwalter quietly moved forward. Buckwalter saw an opportunity to move to the inside of Reeser entering turn one and he came off the second corner with a lead that he would never relinquish.

Reeser continued along in second for a few more laps, but Whittal was pressing him. With a dozen laps in the books, Whittal swept by Reeser on the cushion in turns one and two. Whittal began to pull away, but he could not catch Buckwalter.

In the second half of the contest, Cisney began to move forward. He was fifth at lap ten, third at lap 15, and second at lap 23. Another driver making some headway was Dietrich, who cracked the top five by lap 20 after spending most of the race hovering around the top ten.

Buckwalter took the win, much to the satisfaction of the crowd. Cisney was closing in the final laps, but ran out of time. Whittal was third, with Bear and Dietrich completing the top five. Macri, Heimbach, Logan Wagner, McIntyre, and Lehman crossed next.

Heat victories went to Whittal, Heimbach, and Bear . Halliagn took the B Main.

In the United Racing Club A Main, Ryan Smith and Anthony Macri led the way to the green flag. Andy Best and Ken Carberry were in the second row, with Kyle Smith and Justin Shultz in row three.

Smith led the field into turn one, but Macri had the momentum on the high side. He swept into the lead coming off turn two and then he ducked down to the inside entering turn three. Macri remained in the rubber and opened a lead over Ryan Smith, Carberry, Best, and Shultz. Smith was using the same line as Macri and he started to close in on the Concrete Kid.

Three Rivers Karting

Just before the halfway mark, Smith made his bid for the lead in turns one and two. He squeezed between Macri and the inside wall and he emerged from turn two with the lead.

Smith and Macri raced along out front, but Shultz came to life midway through the race. He began to pick off cars after a lap 14 restart and soon thereafter he was in second.

Smith was into lapped traffic and Shultz closed in rapidly. Smith moved up a half a groove to set up a pass of a lapped car. Shultz got his nose under Smith entering turn one. The car stuck and he was able to pass the leader as well as the lapped car. Smith was now trapped behind the slower car and that gave Shultz the chance to pull away.

Smith got one last chance when the final caution flew with three laps remaining. Because of track conditions, however, URC officials chose to have a single file restart instead of the customary double file arrangement.

Schultz sailed into turn one unmolested and led the rest of the way without any serious challenge from Smith. Macri, Carberry, and Mike Walter Jr. rounded out the top five. Robbie Kendall, Best, Kyle Smith, Paulie Cologiovanni, and Jordan Thomas were the next five finishers.

Heat wins went to Macri, Kendall, Ryan Smith, and Cologiovanni. Connor Leoffler came from South Carolina to capture the B Main.

In the PASS/IMCA 305 Sprints, Ken Duke took advantage of his second starting spot to grab the initial lead. Duke ran into difficulty when lapping cars midway through the race. That allowed Kassidy Kreitz to chase him down. Kreitz, who started fourteenth, made a bold move on the inside of turn one to take the lead when Duke slid high. She pulled away down the backstretch. But, by the time that she hit turn three, the red flag was out. A blown motor and subsequent oil fire necessitated the stoppage.

Duke was returned to the point for the restart and he easily pulled away from Kreitz. She got a second chance several laps later, but Duke again prevailed.

At the checkers, it was Duke over Kreitz, Dave Grube, Garrett Bard, and Austin Reed. Doug Dodson, Rowdy Heffner, Mikell McGee, Nick Sweigart, and Jeff Weaver took positions six through ten.

Dodson, Sweigart, Justin Mills, and Reed scored in the preliminaries. Mike Alleman took the B Main.

Port Royal Speedway will be back next Saturday with 410 and 305 Sprint Cars, along with Super Late Models. Post time should be 7 p.m., but check social media for any schedule changes. May 8 will have the 410 Sprints, ULMS Late Models, and Limited Late Models. There will be no racing on May 15. The World of Outlaws Late Model Series will invade the Speed Palace for a two-day program May 21-22.

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Campbell Claims Grove Win; Locke Doubles in 358s



Williams Grove

WILLIAMS GROVE, PA (July 30, 2021) – Matt Campbell held off the heavy hitters to score his second career 410 Sprint Car victory at Williams Grove Speedway. Although he was scored as the leader for all 25 laps, he had to survive the attacks by Danny Dietrich a third of the way through the race and then he had to fend off Lance Dewease in the closing laps. It was Campbell’s first win since taking over the reins of Jerry Parrish’s car following the retirement of his long-time driver, Brain Montieth.

“I was watching the track to see if the rubber was coming in,” Campbell said. After he had trouble passing a lapped car, he knew that it was time to move down in the rubber. On the final two restarts, Campbell had Dewease right behind him. So, Campbell had to keep the car pinned to the inside. “I heard Lance try to roll the top on me, but I just stayed in the rubber.”

Campbell and Dewease were on the front row by virtue of their heat race wins. Third place starter, Danny Dietrich, was also a heat winner. Next to him was Anthony Macri. Jared Esh and Aaron Bollinger were in the third row, with T.J. Stutts and Alan Krimes in the fourth. The fifth row featured Devon Borden and Freddie Rahmer, Jr. The sixth row paired Lucas Wolfe with Dylan Norris.

Campbell jumped out to the lead, but Dewease got a poor start, losing several positions on the opening lap. That put Macri and Dietrich ahead of him, with Bollinger, Rahmer, Esh, Stutts, Borden, and Wolfe fanned out behind him.

With Campbell leading Dietrich, it took Dewease several laps to get rolling. He worked into third, passing Macri with eight in the books. Around that same time, Dietrich caught up to Campbell and he started throwing slide jobs at the leader. Although Dietrich did draw up alongside Campbell a few times, he was never able to slide up in front of him to take the lead away.

“Danny definitely raced me clean,” Campbell noted. “I could see him half way through the corner and I knew if I got on the gas I would pull him off the corner.” The strategy worked for Campbell, and he was able to retain the lead despite the thrusts by Dietrich.
After Dietrich’s bids for the lead failed, he started falling back to Dewease. Dewease chased him through the middle stage of the race before overtaking him with seven laps remaining.

Dewease started to close in on Campbell, and cautions on laps 20 and 22 erased the margin completely. On the first restart, Dewease tried to poke his nose inside of Campbell entering turn one, but Campbell pinched down and did not give Dewease an opening. On the second restart, Campbell committed to the inside line and Dewease went high to try to drive around him. But, Campbell’s car was good in the rubber and he was able to put a couple of car lengths between them.

Campbell went on to the win, besting Dewease by 0.512 seconds. Dietrich was third, followed by Rahmer, Stuttsm Wolfe, Chase Dietz, Macri, Mark Smith, and Bollinger. Macri gave up his top five position when he had to pit to replace a flat right rear tire during one of the final restarts.

The B Main winner was Chris Arnold.

Three Rivers Karting

Derek Locke had a much easier time of it, especially in the non-stop nightcap for the 358 Sprints. That one he led wire-to-wire. He patiently worked his way to the front in the opening feature, which was a make-up event from a rained out race a couple of weeks ago. The pair of wins were his fifth and sixth of the season at Williams Grove, and he is undefeated in feature event competition. His winnings for the night were $4,000, better than all but Campbell.

“I was a little tight early, and I had to figure out how to drive teh track,” Locke said after his win in the make-up race. “About halfway through, I knew that I had a good car.” As for the second feature, Locke said that it was a matter of luck because he drew the pole. However, his strategy was to save the tires, and he was never seriously challenged, lapping all the way up to the seventh place car. “I could pass in the rubber,” he explained.

In the opener, Brett Wanner and Cody Fletcher were on the front row, with Rich Eichelberger and Nat Tuckey in the second. Kody Hartlaub and Steve Owings were in the third row, with Travis Scott and Chad Criswell in row four. Matt Findley and Locke were in row five. Row six paired up Tyler Brehm and Devin Adams.

Wanner took the early lead, with Owings, Eichelberger, Fletcher, Tuckey and Hartlaub trailing. Wanner’s lead did not last for long, as his car slowed after just a couple of rounds. Owings inherited the lead, with Eichelberger, Fletcher, and Tuckey fighting for the next few positions.

Meanwhile, Locke was carefully moving forward. He reached sixth by lap seven and he was into the top five at lap ten. By the halfway mark, he was fourth, and he climbed to third on lap 14. A restart bunched the field up for him, and he took over second on lap 17. On the next circuit, he was in the lead.

Locke completed the remaining laps without any difficulty. Owings held on for second, followed by Eichelberger, Fletcher, Scott, Criswell, Tuckey, Chris Frank, Findley, and Hartlaub.

In the nightcap, Locke was on the pole and Findley was next to him. Zachary Cool and John Stehman were in the second row, followed by Justin Foster and Devin Adams. Tuckey and Criswell were in row four, with Frank and Scott next. Eichelberger rolled off in eleventh, and Owings made it an even dozen.

Locke bolted to the lead on the initial start and he was never headed. The field got strung out, with Findley holding second for most of the contest. Later, he gave way to Frank. Findley crossed in third, with Stehman and Foster following. Tuckey and Scott were the last two drivers on the lead lap. Criswell, Owings, and Cool completed the top ten.

The 358 Sprint heat winners were Eichelberger and Locke. There was no B Main.

Next week, Williams Grove Speedway will present the Billy Kimmel Memorial for teh 410 Sprints and the Super Late Models. On the 13th, no racing is presently scheduled due to the Knoxville Nationals. August 20, racing will resume with the 410 Sprints paired up with the World of Outlaws Late Model Series. The All Star Circuit of Champions will be in on August 27 for the Jack Gunn Memorial Twin 20s.

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Marks Makes Posse Proud



WILLIAMS GROVE, PA (July 24, 2021): Brent Marks declared his allegiance to the Pennsylvania Posse in victory lane at Williams Grove, much to the delight of the substantial crowd on hand for the finale of the 20th Summer Nationals at Williams Grove Speedway, The fans were in a forgiving mood because, regardless of affiliation, he was the first Pennsylvania driver to defeat the World of Outlaws at the Grove in over two years.

Marks was a bona fide member of the Posse before leaving to spend a couple of seasons with the Outlaws. For 2021, his plan was to follow the All Stars Circuit of Champions aboard the CJB Motorsports entry. However, the driver from Myersdale, PA is back in his family-owned Sprint after parting company with the CJB team earlier this season. While Marks spends most of his time racing locally, he does wander off on occasion, such as his recent journey to Eldora Speedway for the King’s Royal events last week.

“The track was very tricky tonight,” Marks said. “We had a lot of trouble with lapped cars,” he added. He also acknowledged his good luck, as he twice lost the lead to last night’s winner, Sheldon Haudenschild. The two lead changes occurred well before the scoring loop and neither was counted as official. On one occasion, Marks was bailed out by a caution for one of those troublesome lapped cars and, on the other, Haudenschild popped a wheelie going down the back stretch after taking the green and Marks gathered himself back up to drive past while Haudenschild fought to regain control.

Haudenschild positioned himself for a repeat performance, starting the thirty lapper on the pole. Donny Schatz was on his flank. Lance Dewease got to start seven rows closer to the front this night, and Marks was lined up next to him. David Gravel was in the third row, along with Carson Macedo. Anthony Macri and Lucas Wolfe had row four, and Aaron Reutzel was matched with Troy Wagaman, Jr. Devon Borden and James McFadden were in row six.

Schatz got the early advantage over Haudenschild, Marks, Dewease, and Macedo. By the time the field got to the scoring loop, though, Marks was into second, and Macedo moved ahead of Dewease.

Schatz reached lapped traffic quickly, catching the backmarkers on lap six. Soon thereafter, Marks was on his tail. Marks took a run at the leader, but could not make the pass. He came back in turn one on lap eight, but he got up over the cushion, and he lost second to Haudenschild briefly. Marks rallied back in turn two and regained second heading down the back stretch.

A couple of laps later, Macedo took a look to the inside of Haudenschild for third. Macedo could not make the pass in turn four and Haudenschild scooted away.

Three Rivers Karting

The top six got into single file formation as they worked through traffic. Schatz was the leader, followed by Marks, Haudenschild, Macedo, and Dewease. Gravel and Mcfadden were battling for sixth, with Macri lurking close behind them.

Marks made a bid for the lead in turn one with twenty laps completed. He slid up ahead of Schatz to a thunderous ovation. Haudenschild repeated the maneuver two laps later to take second.

Haudenschild began to catch Marks, who was having his share of troubles with the slower cars he encountered. Haudenschild dove low into turn one and made a slide job to get past Marks. Unfortunately, Freddie Rahmer, Jr. was up on the cushion, and Haudenschild could not clear him. There was contact and Rahmer got into the heavy dirt above the groove. As he came to a stop on the outside of turn two, Haudenschild darted toward turn three.

The resulting caution put Marks back on the point for the restart, but Haudenschild was not quite done yet. When racing resumed, he tried another slider on Marks, but he could not complete the pass. He got a good run off the inside of turn two and surged ahead. As he was doing so, the front wheels raised up and Haudenschild had to struggle to maintain control. He did, but Marks was able to motor by him heading toward turn three.

While that action was going on up front, Dewease dropped to the inside and he tried to pick off Macedo in turn one. He got alongside, but lost his momentum. Macedo pulled away, and now Dewease was under attack from McFadden and Gravel. The cluster of three came off turn four and Dewease was stuck in the middle, fighting to save his position in the top five. He was successful, but he could not catch Macedo in the remaining laps to attempt another pass.

Marks made the appointed rounds without further challenge from Haudenschild. Third went to Schatz, followed by Macedo and Dewease. Macri grabbed sixth in the final laps. McFadden was seventh, then came Gravel, Reutzel, and Wolfe.

The four heat winners were Haudenschild, Marks, Macri, and Macedo. The dash victor was Haudenschild who also set the fastest time in qualifying, at 17.262 seconds. The B Main winner was Logan Schchart, who also garnered the hard charger award. He advanced nine positions in the A Main.

Williams Grove Speedway will return to action on July 30, with a Sprint Car Doubleheader. The 410s will be joined by the 358s on York Racing Club night. The Billy Kimmel Memorial will be held on August 6, featuring the 410 Sprints and the Super Late Models.

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Chappel, Duritsky, Ruhlman and Wolbert winners on Friday at Lernerville



SARVER, PA (Pittsburgh Racing Now) – Issac Chappel passed Carmen Perigo on Lap 6 and never looked back to take the win in the BOSS Wingless Sprint Car Series 25-lap main event.  The win was the fifth in-a-row for Chappel in the BOSS Series.

Mike Duritsky picked up his first career win at ‘The Action Track’ by holding off Will Thomas and Logan Zarin to capture the RUSH Late Model Series feature.  Daryl Charlier and Joe Martin rounded out the Top 5.

Three Rivers Karting

Chad Ruhlman fought off Blaze Myers to pick up the win in the RUSH Sprint Car Series feature.  John Mollick was third followed by Gale Ruth and one of several drivers pulling double-duty, Zach Morrow.

Chas Wolbert collected his 40th career feature victory going wire-to-wire in the RUSH Sportsman Modified feature.  Ben Easler was second.  Justin Shea rounded out the podium.

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