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Hardy Handles ULMS Foes at Dog Hollow Speedway



STRONGSTOWN, PA (September 17, 2021): Dog Hollow Speedway concluded its regular season of racing Friday with a Late Model triple header, and nobody was happier than the traveler from Linden, VA, Kyle Hardy. Hardy romped to a $3,000 win, as he closes in on his thirtieth victory of the year. Although his triumphs have cut across the Super Late Model, Crate Late Model, and Limited Late Model genres, he only raced with the Supers this night, so he did leave something on the table for the other racers.

Benefiting from Hardy’s singular focus on the Tom Smith Memorial for the United Late Model Series were Michael Duritsky in the RUSH (Crate) Late Models and Shawn Shoemaker in the 358 Steel Block Late Models. Other winners were Brad Benton in the Pure Stocks and Dylan Young in the Mini Stocks.

“We really enjoy coming here, it’s one of my favorite tracks,” Hardy said enthusiastically. His last Super Late Model win at Dog Hollow came on June 29, 2019.

Dan Angelicchio and Hardy brought the ULMS racers to the initial green flag. Alex Ferree and Dylan Yoder were in the second row, with Michael Lake and Jason Miller right behind. Chad McClellan was paired up with Ryan Montgomery in row four. Clinton Hersh, who did double duty this night, had former Big Block Modified pilot Del Rougeux on his right for row five. John Weaver and Deshawn Gingerich made up row six.

Angelicchio and Hardy were battling for the lead on the opening lap, but the caution came out early, and often, to interrupt the flow of the event. While the racers were getting realigned for the second attempt at green, Ferree fell off the pace. He retired with a broken drive line and ultimately received the hard luck award for the night.

On the second try, Angelicchio switched his line and went to the top entering turn one, while Michael Lake dove to the bottom. But they left a gap just wide enough for Hardy to slip through. Hardy did not have much room to spare, but he did make the pass cleanly in the second corner to assume control.

While Hardy was able to maintain his advantage throughout, Angelicchio was never far away. He pressured the northern VA pilot at both ends of the track while keeping McClellan and Lake at bay. McClellan held third for most of the contest, but he and Lake got shuffled back on a restart with twenty-one laps complete. Taking advantage were Miller and Montgomery.

Miller began to close on Angelicchio with five to go and the fans were starting to wonder if the southern drivers were going to finish one-two. But Angelicchio carried the colors to the finish.

After Hardy, Angelicchio, and Miller came Montgomery. McClellan rallied to regain fifth. Lake, Yoder, Weaver, Derek Rogers, and Brian Bernheisel completed the top ten. Rogers was the hard charger, advancing twelve positions over the thirty laps. Weaver also received an award for being the highest finishing track regular.

The trio of heat races went to Angelicchio, Miller, and Lake. There was no B Main. Angelicchio was the fastest driver in the scramble to get the pole position.

In the RUSH Late Models, Chuck Bowie and Corey Neal occupied the front row, with Levi Crowl and Mike Laughard in the second. Mike Duritsky and his nemesis, Joe Martin, were in row three. Joe Moyer and Ramond Dellape had row four.

On the opening lap, Duritsky got into some water that had accumulated on the bottom of turn three and he slid up into Crowl, who spun. Duritsky’s car was damaged significantly, but he was able to keep moving and retained his position for the restart.

“I knew it was bad,” Duritsky said of the damage he sustained. The flapping body panel eventually damaged a support, which began to rub his tire. Diritsky could smell the rubber, but he soldiered on to get the win.

Laughard and Duritsky battled for the lead when the race got going again, but a caution negated Duritsky’s pass coming off turn four. Bowie got a better start on the third attempt, but Duritsky and Laughard were challenging.

Duritsky finally got control, followed by Laughard, Martin, Joe Moyer, and Bowie. A restart shuffled the racers in the top ten and the ensuing chaos produced a wreck between turns three and four that further jumbled the running order.

While Duritsky continued to lead, Martin began to flex some muscle. He reached second and then chased down the leader at the halfway mark. Martin grabbed the lead and began to pull away from Duritsky, who was getting the tire rub.

Three Rivers Karting

A caution was required with four laps to go when Rob Coffaro made a sudden left turn from the high side to enter the infield at the start/finish line. That caused the other racers to take evasive maneuvers, which were successful for the most part.

It took several more attempts to get the final laps in the books. Martin rolled into turn one on the high side each time, and Duritsky was coming hard on the bottom. Duritsky made the final lunge with just a lap or two to go, and he picked up the win.

Trailing Duritsky and Martin atthe checkers were Moyer, Bowie, and Crowl. Jamey Swank, Benjamin Scott, Mark Rend, Tim Snare, and Dellape completed the top ten.

Martin and Diritsky split the preliminaries. There was no B Main.

The 358 Steel Block Late Models turned out to be the most entertaining feature of the night. Paul Ivory and Shawn Shoemaker had the front row, with Chris Hackett and Clinton Hersh in the second. Robbie Black and Mike Blazer were in the third, followed by Devin Weyandt and Bryan Benton.

Ivory led early, while Shoemaker and Hackett went back and forth for second for most of the race. Ivory bobbled in turn four, and that opened the door for Shoemaker to get under him for the lead on lap sixteen.

Shoemaker had the point for the final restarts, and he was able to complete the remaining laps without challenge. Greg Moore advanced to second in the disjointed stretch run, followed by Hackett. Kyle Lear turned in a strong performance, coming from last on the starting grid to get the fourth spot. Hersh was fifth.

Benton, Rob Marhefka, Austin Stover, Ivory, and Eric Lucas completed the top ten.

Shoemaker and Ivory topped the heat races. There was no B Main.

Brad Benton held off Ron Banton in the Pure Stocks, with Dennis Collins, Tim Laughard, and Jeremy Zufall making top five runs.
Dylan Young triumphed over Michael Phillipson, Cody Young, Ashton Daughenbaugh, and Noah Swank in the Mini Stock feature, which got started with a bang when John Diehl flew off the back stretch and flipped violently. He was unhurt.

Dog Hollow Speedway will have a final race coming in October. The Mini Stocks will race for an enhanced purse and there will be an enduro to close out the racing action.

ULMS Late Models: Kyle Hardy, Dan Angelicchio, Jason Miller, Ryan Montgomery, Chad McClellan, Michael Lake, Dylan Yoder, John Weaver, Derek Rogers, Bryan Bernheisel, Clinton Hersh, Denny Fenton, Del Rougeux, Deshawn Gingerich, Josh Whetstone, Dylan Fenton, Andrew Wylie, Alex Ferree, Chad Homan, Ryan Christoff (DNS), Dave Blazavich (DNS).

RUSH Late Models: Michael Duritsky, Joe Martin, Joe Moyer, Chuck Bowie, Levi Crowl, Jamey Swank, Benjamin Scott, Mark Rend, Tim Snare, Raymond Dallape, Mike Laughard, Kyle Smith, Jr., Rob Coffaro, Jason Mullen, Corey Neal.

358 Steel Block Late Models: Shawn Shoemaker, Greg Moore, Chris Hackett, Kyle Lear, Clinton Hersh, Bryan Benton, Rob Marhefka, Austin Stover, Paul Ivory, Eric Lucas, Bernie Whiteford, LaVerne Ward, Devin Weyandt, Marvin Williams, Robbie Black, Mike Horne, Mike Blazer (DNS).

Pure Stocks: Brad Benton, Ron Benton, Dennis Collins, Tim Laughard, Jeremy Zufall, Bob Torquato, Mike Ball, Rich Anderson, Thomas Argent, Mike Benton.

Mini Stocks: Dylan Young, Michael Phillipson, Cody Young, Ashton Daughenbaugh, Noah Swank, Dustin Gibbons, Kala Varner, Cruz Daughenbaugh, Jamie Noel, Timothy Baker, Michael Sinclair, Adam Pletcher, Adam Ellis, Quinten Beeman, Michael Boring, Anthony Varner, John Diehl, Brayden Seippel (DNS).

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Dirt Racing

Marks Takes Third Win of Speedweek



HAGERSTOWN, MD (June 30, 2022): Brent Marks was the first driver to gather three checkered flags during the Pennsylvania Speedweek. He chased down leader Kyle Larson during the long green flag run that lasted until lap twenty-eight of the thirty scheduled laps. The win fortifioed his points lead over Anthony Macri and Justin Peck, both of whom finished in the top ten.

“I never expected the track to get like that,” Marks said. “I thought that it (the moisture applied just before feature time) would last about ten laps and that everybody would go to the bottom. But it stayed good up top.” Indeed, the groove that Marks and Larson preferred was way up top, just inches from the fences at both ends of the speedway.

Marks explained how he was able to pass Larson for the lead. “Kyle threw a slider (on the lapped car of Freddie Rahmer, Jr.) and scrubbed a lot of speed off and I could stay up top and I could get a run on him into (turn) one.” Marks used a slider of his own to get past Larson and then he proceeded to pull away.

Larson got another shot at Marks after the lap twenty-eight caution, but Marks was in full defensive mode. “I was just trying to block him the last two laps,” Marks admitted candidly. “I could hear him but I didn’t know where he was. I couldn’t go to the top on the restart, I had to build my momentum to get up there,” he explained.

Larson felt that he was a little short. “Brent was really good, for sure. I couldn’t clear Rahmer and I knew that a run was coming,” Larson noted. As for the restart, Larson said that he was running the middle and that Marks “closed it off.”

Larson teased Marks by suggesting that he should go on the road more often and “beat up on guys like Gravel, and Sweet, and Macedo, so I can get a few more wins when I come here.” Larson added that he plans to be back in Pennsylvania in a couple of weeks, presumably for the World of Outlaws appearances at Port Royal Speedway and Williams Grove Speedway.

Macri, who was the hard charger and third place finisher, noted that his car was not good at the beginning of the night and that “it took a while for us to get the car better.” When asked if he thought that he couple capitalize on the restart, he thought that he could maybe get by Larson, but then he realized that his tires got too cold and they sealed over under the caution. “So, I got defensive and went for the points.”

Tanner Thorson and Larson brought the field to the green flag. Marks and Rico Abreu were in the second row. Devon Borden had his best starting spot of the week, fifth, with Peck beside him. Ryan Smith and Dylan Cisney had the final pill draw positions. Then came Rahmer and R.J. Stutts. Row six belonged to Danny Dietrich and Sye Lynch.

Three Rivers Karting

Although Thorson reached turn one first, he was never scored as the leader of the eveny. Larson rode the rim to take the lead comining off turn two and Marks followed him into second. Smith also got by the defending Chili Bowl champion on the opening lap. Abreu and Dietrich followed him.

During the long green flag run, Larson and Marks disappeared from the other racers. Smith and Thorson battled with Abreu for third, with each of them holding it at various times.

Macri was on the march. He advanced from thirteenth on the grid to the top ten within the first five laps. By lap fifteen, he was into the top five. He was running third at lap twenty-five, but he was very far behind the leaders.

Larson and Marks had lapped all the way up to the eighth position by the time that the caution came out. Rahmer, who was solidly in the top ten, was one of the lapped cars and he broke Larson’s momentum, enabling Marks to make the pass for the lead with twenty-two laps in the books.

When the green flag waived for the final two-lap dash, Marks got awya cleanly and Larson stayed close, hoping for a mistake. Macri did take a peek inside of Larson coming off turn four, but he spun the tires and Larson got away.

At the finish, it was Marks, Larson, Macri, Dietrich, and Smith. Abreu got shuffled back to sixth. Borden, Lucas Wolfe, Chase Dietz, and Rahmer completed the top ten.

Thirty-six Sprints registered for the race. The four heats went to Thorson, Larson, Abreu, and Borden. The B Main winner was Ryan Timms. The evening’s fastest qualifier was Smith, who turned a lap of 15.824 seconds.

Marks leads Macri by 62 points and Peck by 130 heading into the Mitch Smith Memorial at WIlliams Grove Speedway. Wolfe and Stutts are fourth and fifth. Dietrich is sixth, followed by Freddie Rahmer, Jr., Dietz, Larson, and Ryan Smith.

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Dirt Racing

Macri Makes it Two in Speedweek



Lincoln Speedway

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA (June 25, 2022): Anthony Macri dominated round two of Pennsylvania Speedweek held at the Fabulous Lincoln Speedway. It was a similar script for him: he was the fastest qualifier, he transferred from his heat, he picked the pole for the feature, and he led wire-to-wire. His second win of the season in the Pigeon Hills was also his fourteenth at all venues. This one was worth $9200 in honor of the late Kevin Gobrecht. What is more, the win turned out to be a 39th Wedding Anniversary for his parents.

“We started on the pole and we set a pretty good pace, but we still had to pass the lapped cars,” Macri observed. While he had difficulty with that Friday night, it was an easier task on this occasion. Then he turned introspective. “That was win number fourteen. We started six years ago and I never thought that we would be where we are. We’re having a hell of a year. It’s nice to be here.”

This time, Macri had a different wingman, Troy Wagaman, Jr., for the thirty lap finale. Freddie Rahmer, Jr. and Chase Dietz were in row two. Jeff Halligan and Justin Peck were in the third. Lucas Wolfe and T.J. Stutts were in row four. Brent Marks and Lance Dewease were in row five. Jimmy Siegel and Dylan Norris were in the sixth.

Macri swooped into tun one on the opening lap. Rahmer was close behind, but it did not take long for Macri to begin to stretch his lead. Wagaman held third, with Peck, Dietz, Halligan, and Stutts following. A three-car tangle in turn two claimed Alan Krimes, Justin Whittal, and Landon Myers. That gave Rahmer another shot at Macri, but the Concrete Kid was up to the challenge.

Over the next seventeen laps, Macri ran alone out front, as Rahmer lost sight of the leader. Midway through that run, Peck caught Rahmer and the two put on a spectacular battle for second as they negotiated the slower traffic. Another caution cleared the track for them, but the contest for second continued unabated. Peck eventually grabbed the position and he held it to the finish.

Three Rivers Karting

After the final restart, Marks also set Rahmer back another notch. Dietz was coming on as well, but he ran out of time to chase down Rahmer. Wagaman held on for sixth. Dewease picked off a couple of cars in the final run, but he could not reach Wagaman. Stutts, Wolfe, and Devon Borden completed the top ten.

Four heats were run, with wins going to Troy Wagaman, Jr., Halligan, Dietz, and Wolfe. The C Main went to Robbie Kendall. Chad Trout, who was one of the evening’s fastest qualifiers, recovered from a heat race mechanical failure to get the checkers in the B Main. Macri’s overall quick time was set in Group A, at 13.285 seconds. Peck topped Group B with a time of 13.647 seconds.

A broken oil filter on Danny Dietrich’s car on his first time trial lap caused some concern in his pit, but repairs were made and he was able to post a time at the end of his group. He failed to transfer from his heat but did earn a starting spot through the B Main. Dietrich was fourteenth in the feature.

Macri enters round three of Speedweek with a healthy 63 point lead over Peck. Marks, Dewease, and Stutts make up the rest of the top five. Rahmer, Wolfe, Dietz, Norris, and Borden are next.

Hunter Fulton captured the flag in the Extreme Stock undercard. Bob Scott, Jr., Sam Rial, Marshall McMullen, and Justin Yohn rounded out the top five. Fulton and McMullen won the preliminaries.

Lincoln Speedway will host its second Speedweek contest on Monday night, June 27. It will be a Sprint Car only program. The Monster Trucks will invade the speedway on July 2. The Central PA Legends will also be in action. The Sprint Cars, both 410 and 358 varieties, will be back on July 9 and 16. The Super Sportsmen Tour will be added to the card on July 16.

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Dirt Racing

Weather Claims Another Victory at Tri-City Raceway Park



FRANKLIN, PA (June 26, 2022): With a forecast that included mid-afternoon thunderstorms continuing well into the night, Tri-City Raceway Park canceled the racing program set for Sunday, June 26. “We did not want to expose our fans, racers, and staff to any dangerous weather conditions,” said track owner Merle Black. “We want everybody to be safe and ready for the big event coming up over the July 4 holiday weekend.”

Activity will start at the Venango County oval on Friday, July 1, with a practice session for all classes that will be in competition, and there will be lots of those! Grandstand admission will be free on Friday night. Racing will take place on Saturday, July 2, and Sunday, July 3.

The Shawgo Real Estate, LLC 410 Sprint Cars will see action on both nights. Complete programs will be presented for the winged warriors each night.
The Donovan & Bauer Auto Group 358 Modifieds will race on Saturday, but many of those racers are expected back for the Sunday showdown with the Big Block Modifieds of the BRP Modified Tour. Many race fans can remember when Gary Smoker turned away the Big Block Mods at Tri-City with his 358 Modified! Will it happen again?

Also doing double duty will be the 4 Your Car Connection Mini Stocks. Levi Maskal has been unbeatable so far this season. Will his hot streak continue?
The Saturday racing card will also include the qualifying for the Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks racing under the banner of Hovis Auto & Truck Supply. The 40 lap feature for that class will be held on Sunday night.

And, let’s take a page from the past. On Saturday, the Vintage Modifieds will take to the track. This is not just an exhibition run for these seasoned machines! There will be no holds barred competition.

Three Rivers Karting

Sunday’s program will include a look into the future. The Junior Sprints will take to the track. Many of the racers in that class are youngsters getting their first taste of auto racing. Current driver Chase Metheney got his start in this division several years ago and now he sits second in the championship standings for the Shawgo Real Estate, LLC 410 Sprint Cars. Who will be the next budding star to showcase his or her talents?

In addition, the RUSH non-wing Sprints will race on Sunday.

As is customary for July 4 celebrations, there will be Fireworks during Sunday evening. Then, after the races that night, there will be a big bonfire and a DJ will be spinning the tunes.

Camping will be free for the weekend at Tri-City Raceway Park. There will be no hookups provided.

If you cannot make it to the track for the July 4 Weekend Bash, mark your racing calendars for July 10 when Tri-City Raceway Park will present a Sunday Thunder racing program. Double points will be offered that night, so the racing will be intense in all of the track’s regular divisions.
Watch the website and social media platforms for any changes.

Further information about Tri-City Raceway Park can be obtained by calling the track office at 724-967-4601, or by e-mailing the office at Or, you can check the web at, or the Facebook page at Tri City Raceway Park. Tri-City Raceway Park is located just a few miles north of Franklin, PA, at 3430 State Route 417 in Oakland Township.

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