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Hafertepe Hammers All Stars At Tri-City Raceway Park; Ruhlman Rush Sprint Star



Photo: Rick Rarer

FRANKLIN, PA (May 2, 2021): Sam Hafertepe, Jr. scored his first win with the FloRacing All Stars Circuit of Champions in thirteen years of competition with the series. The All Stars program was presented courtesy of Krill Recycling LLC of Fennelton, PA.

Taking the Gary Glass Automotive/Washington House RUSH Sprint Car feature was Chad Ruhlman aboard the Tim Engels machine from Franklin, PA.

“Running out front was the place to be,” Hafertepe said. He explained that track position gave him better opportunities to navigate around some difficult track conditions.

Sam Hafertepe, Jr. and Ian Madsen led the All Star field to the green flag. Row two belonged to Tyler Courtney and Matt Farnham. Starting in the third row were Cap Henry and Bill Balog and they were followed by Hunter Schuerenberg and Justin Peck. Cale Conley and Sye Lynch started in row five with Carl Bowser and Kyle Reinhardt in row six.

Hafertepe bolted into the lead followed by Courtney, Madsen, Farnham and Peck. Before the racers could settle in, however, Reinhardt flipped his machine in between turns one and two. He was not hurt, but neither he nor track favorite Jack Sodeman, Jr. were able to continue.

Hafertepe assumed the lead again with Madsen, Farnham, and Henry in tow. Peck was applying the pressure and he began his move to the front. He reached fourth by lap four and third by lap five.

A caution for the lazy spin by Lynch in turn four bunched the field up and gave Peck an opportunity to challenge the leaders. He was hounding Courtney while Hafertepe ran out front by himself. Peck moved into second on lap seventeen before the pace was slowed due to Cory Eliason stopping in turn two.

On the ensuing restart, Peck made a bold move in turn one, but he snagged a rut and flipped his machine ending an impressive run up from the eighth starting spot.

Hafertepe completed the remaining eight laps without further ado. Courtney posted his best All Stars finish to date, second. Madsen crossed in third and gained enough points to take command of the All Stars series championship. Balog and Henry were fourth and fifth. Schuerenberg was sixth followed by Conley, Paul McMahan, Paige Polyak and Wise.

McMahan was the All Stars Hard Charger with thirteen positions advanced. Brandon Matus took the Fisher and Father NAPA Auto Parts Pro Performer Hard Charger award at plus five.

Balog, Farnham, Schuerenberg, and Henry were victorious in the heat races for the All Stars. Bob Felmlee nailed the second turn wall in his heat race, inflicting major damage on the car. Felmlee was unhurt. Lynch spun while racing second in his heat, but he was able to restart and made the transfer to the A Main.

Three Rivers Karting

Hafertepe, Jr. and Madsen captured the twin Dashes for the All Stars.

The B Main winner was McMahan. Dan Shetler was unhurt in his crash in turn one during the B Main.

The evening’s fastest qualifier overall was Justin Peck, with a lap of 14.998 in Group C. It was a new track record. He was the only driver to crack the 15 second mark. Courtney was the fastest in Group A, Madsen in Group B, and Lynch in Group D.

Teenager Nolan Groves and Brian Hartzell paced the Gary Glass Automotive and Washington House RUSH Sprint Car feature. Gale Ruth, Jr. and Chad Ruhlman were in the second row with Tyler Newhart and Rod George in the third row.

Ruhlman and Hartzell battled for the early lead with Ruth and George in hot pursuit. Ruth was the man to watch, going from third to first on lap four. However, Ruth was crowded and got into the outside wall, bending two wheels. He limped off the track after leading just one lap.

Ruhlman and Hartzell resumed the battle for the lead, but soon a new challenger appeared. Rod George showed everyone that he still remembered the fastest way around the big half mile. He took second on lap nine and chased down Ruhlman.

Ruhlman and George went back and fourth for several laps before Ruhlman seized control again. Soon thereafter, George’s car began to sputter and he had to retire from the race with nineteen laps down. However, while he and Ruhlman were entertaining the fans, Brad Church, Arnie Kent, and Newhart were fighting for third.

George’s misfortune set up a green checkered finish. Ruhlman completed the final lap, with Hartzell in second. Church, Kent, and Blaze Myers completed the top five. Newhart, Ricky Tucker, A.J. MacQuarrie, George, and Steve Pedley rounded out the top ten.

In the Rush Sprint Car heat races, Nolan Groves and Rod George captured the wins. Donovan and Bauer Auto Group of Titusville presented the heat races. There was no B Main.

Remember that there will be no racing at Tri-City Raceway Park on May 9 in observance of Mother’s Day. Action will resume on May 16, with a Sunday Thunder program featuring the Shawgo Real Estate LLC 410 Sprint Cars, the Krill Recycling LLC 358 Modifieds, the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Pro Stocks, and the 4 Your Car Connection Mini Stocks. May 16 will also be Military Night with all veterans and current members of the armed forces admitted free of charge with proper identification. May 23 will be a special program for the ULMS Late Model Series and the 305 Sprint Cars. The 305 Sprints will have double features. The month of May will conclude on May 30 with another Sunday Thunder racing event.

Flo Racing All Stars (25 laps): Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Tyler Courtney, Ian Madsen, Bill Balog, Cap Henry, Hunter Schuerenberg, Cale Conley, Paul McMahan, Paige Polyak, Zeb Wise, Sye Lynch, Brandon Spithaler, Carl Bowser, T.J. Michael, Brandon Matus, Frankie Nervo, Justin Peck, Matt Farnham, Lee Jacobs, Lucas Wolfe, Kyle Reinhardt, Jack Sodeman, Jr., Gary Taylor. DNQ: Skyler Gee, George Hobaugh, Greg Wilson, Brent Matus, Brett Brunkenhofer, Ken Rossey, Darin Gallagher, Dan Shetler, Michael Bauer, Bob Felmlee.

Gary Glass Automotive/Washington House RUSH Sprints: Chad Ruhlman, Brian Hartzell, Brad Church, Arnie Kent, Blaze Myers, Tyler Newhart, Ricky Turner, A.J. MacQuarrie, Rod George, Steve Pedley, Gale Ruth, Sr., Gale Ruth, Jr., Nlan Graves, John Mollick (DNS).

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Dirt Racing

Mother Nature Wins The Weekend In Western PA



PITTSBURGH, PA (Pittsburgh Racing Now) – Mother Nature is putting a damper on the early portion of the Western Pennsylvania dirt track racing season as both Lernerville Speedway and Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway were forced to cancel their racing programs on Friday and Saturday night.

The inclement weather has forced Lernerville to postpone the Lernerville Grand, the 1,000th Sprint Car race in The Action Track’s storied history, two weeks in a row.  Lernerville will host Military Appreciation Night on Friday, May 15, 2021 where Fab4 Racing will be on track.

Three Rivers Karting

PPMS was able to get in a full slate last weekend but has already made the decision to cancel Saturday night’s action. Racing will resume on Saturday, May 15, 2021, for an Action Event featuring the Rohrich Automotive RUSH Late Model Dirt Series, the Hobby Stocks, the Penn Ohio Pro Stocks, the Crawford Auto Repair Four Cylinders, and the All Ways Safe Young Guns.

UPDATE: Add Sharon Speedway in Hartford, Ohio to the cancellation list thanks to the weather. An identical “Super Series” show will be coming up next Saturday night (May 15) as the “410” Sprint Cars return for $3,000 to-win along with the Gibson Insurance Agency Pro Stocks, HTMA/Precise Racing Products RUSH Sportsman Modifieds, and the Whelen Econo Mods. Pits open at 4 p.m. and grandstands at 5. Sprint Car group qualifying will take place at 6:30 p.m. with heat races at 7.


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Dirt Racing

Justin Peck Wins Buckeye Cup At Sharon Speedway



Photo: Chad Warner

HARTFORD, OH (Pittsburgh Racing Now) – Justin Peck led wire-to-wire to win the FloRacing All Star Circuit of Champions ‘Buckeye Cup’ Saturday at Sharon Speedway.

Peck withstood a challenge from second place finisher Cole Duncan before pulling away to claim the victory, his second in the ‘Buckeye State’ after winning at Attica Raceway Park in April.

“We were able to put a whole night together,” said Peck. “We qualified good enough tonight where we just had to transfer through our heat race to make the dash, and that’s the name of the game. You need to put yourself in a position early and start up front in these things. We fine tune things as the night goes on. I can’t thank everyone enough.”

Peck jumped out to the early lead with Hunter Schuerenberg, Cole Duncan, Dave Blaney, and Ian Madsen giving chase before encountering lap traffic on lap 11.

Three Rivers Karting

The lap traffic was just enough to impede Peck as Duncan and Blaney started closing in, eventually catching him on lap 16.

“I tried to lose that race there pretty early on by running the top and smacking the wall,” said Peck. “I actually knocked the ladder out of the car before we even got ten laps in. I just had to smarten up a little bit after that. I knew we had a fast race car. I just needed to finish the race.”

Peck started pulling away by lap 22 as Duncan, Blaney, Madsen and Zeb Wise fought it out for the remaining podium spots.  Duncan crossed the start/finish line in second place followed by Blaney in third, however Blaney was eventually disqualified for missing the scales after the race. Blaney was credited with a 25th place finish.

The All Stars continue their Pennsylvania – Ohio weekend with at stop at Merle Black’s Tri-City Raceway Park in Franklin, PA.

A-Main (30 Laps):
1. 13-Justin Peck [1]; 2. 22C-Cole Duncan [2]; 3. 11-Ian Madsen [4]; 4. 10-Zeb Wise [7]; 5. 17B-Bill Balog [6]; 6. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg [3]; 7. 81-Lee Jacobs [10]; 8. 4-Cap Henry [14]; 9. 5-Paul McMahan [24]; 10. 26-Cory Eliason [13]; 11. 97-Gary Taylor [12]; 12. 3C-Cale Conley [8]; 13. 42-Sye Lynch [17]; 14. 7BC-Tyler Courtney [5]; 15. O8-Dan Kuriger [23]; 16. 11B-Carl Bowser [21]; 17. 29-Michael Bauer [16]; 18. 28-Skylar Gee [11]; 19. 6-Bob Felmlee [20]; 20. 5K-Adam Kekich [22]; 21. 8M-TJ Michael [25]; 22. 22-Brandon Spithaler [15]; 23. 12-Darin Gallagher [18]; 24. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr. [19]; 25. 10B-Dave Blaney [9] Lap Leaders: Justin Peck (1-30)

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Dirt Racing

Trout Tops Lincoln Field



Lincoln Speedway

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA – (May 1, 2021): Chad Trout declined to talk at Mike Yeaple’s memorial service held Saturday afternoon at Lincoln Speedway, but he dedicated his first 410 Sprint Car win of the season to the late track official. “If everybody were like Mike, the world would be at better place,” Trout said.

Joining Trout in victory lane were Jeff Rohrbaugh in the 358 Sprint Cars for the opening round of the Summer Series, and Jeff Paulson in the Pen-Mar Vintage Modifieds.

“This year has been horrible so far,” Trout commented. Indeed, he has destroyed one race car and had had a string of DNFs. “it’s hard getting parts due to COVID,” he explained. He added, “we were working hard, but something’s been missing. We weren’t the best but we were in the right place when Cory (Haas) broke.” Haas was leading at the time despite a sour engine throughout the race.

Trout attributed much of his success to his fourth place starting spot. Ahead of him on the grid were Scott Fisher and Haas. Next to him was Bradley Howard. Behind him were Jimmy Siegel and Aaron Bollinger. Row four had Troy Wagaman and Brandon Rahmer. Points leader Alan Krimes started ninth, with Danny Dietrich as his dancing partner. Trey Hivner and Kyle Moody were in row six. Freddie Rahmer, Jr. was in row seven, Glendon Forsythe in row eight, Tim Glatfelter and last week’s winner, Tyler Ross, in row nine, Tim Wagaman and Chase Dietz in row ten, T.J. Stutts in row eleven, and Matt Cambell in the shotgun position.

Fisher jumped out to the early lead for the second week in a row. He maintained a slight advantage over Haas for the first eleven laps. Haas stayed close even though he was having problems under the hood of Buzz Wilson’s car. Somehow, he swept by Fisher to take the lead just before the fist caution was waived for a three-car tangle in between turns one and two. Involved were Ross, Dietz, and Forsythe.

On the restart, Haas maintained the lead, but Trout rolled the top of turns one and two to take second away from Fisher. Siegel held down fourth and then came Danny Dietrich, Bollinger, and the Rahmer brothers, Brandon ahead of Freddie.

Haas kept his car in the low groove and preserved his lead. Trout continued on the cushion, but he was unable to draw up next to Haas. Trout got his break on lap sixteen when Haas faltered in the second turn. The car slowed to a stop midway down the backstretch, handing the lead over to Trout.

Now Trout had Siegel on his rear nerf bar for the restart and Dietrich was up to third. Fisher and Bollinger were fighting for the fourth position. Freddie Rahmer took advantage of the restart and picked up a few positions. He took over fourth on lap 17.

Three Rivers Karting

Trout moved to the inside and Siegel was riding the cushion, trying to build up some momentum. Unable to make any headway, Siegel also dropped to the inside line as the laps wound down. That gave the outside line to Dietrich who surged into second with 28 laps complete.

The excitement level grew as Dietrich started to close in on Trout. The fans were poised for a possible last lap pass for the win. However, Dietrich slipped above the cushion in turns one and two on the final lap, losing two positions.

Trout grabbed the checkers, followed by Siegel and Freddie Rahmer, Jr. Dietrich was fourth, and Bollinger fifth. Brandon Rahmer, Fisher, Howard, Krimes, and T.J. Stutts completed the top ten. Stutts passed eleven cars in this rare appearance at Lincoln Speedway.

Heat winners for the 30 cars on hand went to Haas, Siegel, and Brandon Rahmer. The consolation belonged to Tim Wagaman.

In the 358 Sprints, Jeff Rohrbaugh took maximum advantage of his pole starting position, leading all 25 laps. “I was going to stop after 20 laps,” he said with a laugh. However, the special event had five more laps and extra money this night. Justin Foster started next to Rohrbaugh and remained close throughout the contest.

Kody Hartlaub came from seventh to finish third. Chris Frank held that position for the first 18 laps, but Hartlaub was able to sneak by him on the final restart of the race. Fifth went to Travis Scott. Brett Wanner, Kyle Denmyer, Steve Owings, Cody Fletcher, and Tim McClelland rounded out top ten.

Heat victories belonged to Owings, Foster, Matt Findley, and Frank. Riley Emig took the consolation race win. Zane Rudisill was involved in a spectacular crash in his heat race and was transported to a local hospital with complaints of back pain. There was no report on his condition by the end of the program.

Next week, the 410 Sprint Cars will get ready for the Gettysburg Clash with the World of Outlaws. Also on the card will be the Super Sprotsment Tour and the Extreme Stocks. The storied rivalry between the Pennsylvania Posse and the Outlaws will be held on Wednesday, May 12. A Jalopy Showdown will take the place of the normal Saturday action, as the Sprint Cars will be in action at Williams Grove Speedway instead.

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